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You would think that only used homes need a home inspection in Greenville, SC. You couldn’t be more wrong. Even though the goal of a home inspection is to weed out defects in a house, it will also provide maintenance suggestions. One would expect that a new house will be exempt from defects, but that is completely a myth and also subjective. A new house could have the same issues with a house that’s 20 years old. Awareness of these issues is better known before you seal the deal than after.

Common Problems Found in Greenville, SC New Construction

When an inspection is done on a house that’s been around for years, inspectors will look for damage due to aging. Some of the areas that typically obtain defects are the roof, HVAC systems, and the foundation. Other houses may also have mold or termite issues. In new houses, however, the inspectors will the installation and building of the house and its elements. It proves beneficial to both buyer and seller as addressing problems early on will make the new house last longer. Construction errors are always a possibility.


The materials that a construction company will use depends on the budget for construction. Quality is important, but some high-quality materials can have defects due to mishandling, wrong installation, or exposure to poor conditions.


Construction companies are paid differently. Some are paid based on how long the construction will take, while others are paid by contract. This may cause some to cut corners to speed up the construction. As a result, builders may sacrifice the quality of a few important aspects. Some examples would be poor ventilation, insulation, or air ducts.


A house has three systems: electrical, plumbing, and HVAC. One is not more important than the other. When it comes to building a house, these systems may be installed by a subcontractor. When this happens, builders may overlook important standards that need to be met.

Once the inspector is done pointing out the lapses in construction, the builder will resolve them accordingly. Some, if not all, of the expenses may still be covered under warranty. What’s most important is to identify and address known issues right away in a new house before it gets difficult to fix once it has occupants. Contact Carolina Quality Home Inspection to learn more about New Construction Inspection in Greenville, SC, and neighboring areas.

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